Sunday, November 2, 2014

Tai Kung Lu

Photo by Robert Petril
I took this very simple photo (above) a few years ago in Shanghai. At that time, it symbolized change or transition to me. I loved the contrast of these two walls coming together. It seemed to fit how I felt about my own life path. I was well into my transitional journey through the world of design and creating things inspired by my own unique visions.

These walls are located in a back alley near a place I loved and frequented when I was living there. A street called Tai Kung Lu. A place where you can find many artist's studios, outdoor cafes, quaint little restaurants, and boutiques. It was one of my favorite inspirational hangouts.

Tai Kung Lu (Photo by Robert Petril)
I can remember so many days there dreaming about where I wanted my life path to lead. I was doing what I loved, but I still felt that part of me was stuck in a different life. Like I really didn't belong there, and my dream was reaching towards nothing but more uncertainty. Yet the urge to continue reaching has never diminished. And today I know exactly where it was all leading.

Back to the photo at the top. While the contrast of the two walls coming together is so beautiful, the stucco represented the norm or the way everyone says things should be. The brick on the other hand displays a wonder of texture, depth, variance, and contrast within itself. It's much more beautiful to me. The multitude of flaws make it feel much more authentic than the stucco to the left.

Tai Kung Lu (Photo by Robert Petril)
I'm so grateful that I saved this very simple photo in my collection. I feel I was guided to save it and use it today. I'm on the verge of realizing some really important dreams. Ones that I fought through so much negative feedback, uncertainly, and sacrifice to achieve. And most recently I've met the love of my life. A person beyond all my dreams. Now I know why I saved this photo. It's the perfect canvas for those life wisdom quotes...

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Mix It Up: Your Artwork Doesn’t Have to Match the Sofa

There’s nothing better than finding the perfect piece of furniture for your home. It’s comfortable, it fits the dimensions of your space, and best of all, it fits your personality. But sometimes it can be a struggle to find artwork to match your furniture.

The solution? Don’t worry about matching! Here’s a little design secret: There are no rules that say that your art has to perfectly coordinate with your interiors in color, size, or aesthetic. In fact, when your artwork has an oddity to its size, or is displayed in a nontraditional way, or even if the subject is unexpected, that’s what makes your home a real home!

Your artwork should reflect you, your personality, your family, and your lifestyle in a way that creates a treasured home environment. Here are a few ways to bring the unexpected into your home art gallery.

Break away from the traditional. Remember when artwork would always be hung according to rigid standards? You may have chosen a patterned sofa or set of chairs and tried to find art in the same color palette. However, there are plenty of ways to style a look without being overly matchy-matchy. Imagine a black-and-white striped chair with a bright red and orange abstract print above, for example. Colors can be complementary, or you could have just one color in common to tie it all together. 

Stay under budget. Just because you sprang for an investment rug doesn’t mean you have to buy an original painting to match. No matter how nice your furniture is, you can find inexpensive artwork to match. Instead of choosing a pricey painting, why not display your favorite prints? Calendars are a great source for multiple prints that can be arranged together using uniform frames. It’s really all about expressing your unique style so that when you look at it all together, you can’t help but smile.

Choose your locations wisely. It’s a good idea to consider the function of each room before deciding which art will live in it. Start out by grouping your artwork together and determining which rooms you want to display which pieces. If you’re worried that small children or rowdy guests will disturb your artwork, consider pieces that are not breakable for common areas. A few long hanging wires spray-painted with plastic coating or a grouping of long picture shelves could hold your children’s favorite books or Lego creations. Or if the kids are older, you can pair artwork from your latest travels with cherished photos of your kids to give your room a new focal point.

Add an air of eclecticism with a gallery wall. The great thing about gallery walls is that they fit in with just about any décor. If you have boxes of treasures hidden away, look through them and pick out meaningful pieces to display, from your kids’ artwork to favorite family photos and beloved prints. Think outside-the-box by mixing colors and patterns. Robert’s own bright and multicolored furniture designs work so well with a mix of old and new accessories, and a gallery wall is the perfect way to accomplish that look.

Make your kids the star of the show. Family photos look great anywhere when done with style. Skip the photo studio and have a few of your favorite snapshots printed as over sized black-and-white photos… perhaps one of each family member sticking out their tongue out or blowing out their cheeks? This look is so much more personal than posed studio shots and will remind you of special times together.

So, if you think your artwork has to match your furniture perfectly, then consider these ideas to give your interiors a fresh look. You will never look at artwork the same!

Laurie Laizure is the CEO of Customized Walls and founder of the largest online community for design pros. Laurie’s work has been featured on various cable networks as well as top publications in the interior design world such as New England Home and Country Living magazines. She also writes on her own blog, William Sonoma Designer Marketplace and for Connect with her here: Google+ 


Saturday, October 11, 2014

High Point October 2014

When Lazar asked me if they could create a sofa from my LOUNGE design, I said sure!! See the result at the High Point Market | The World's Home for Home Furnishings!

Let's see how they did...

Showroom IHFC D817
(Design Center 8th Floor)

See you there!


Monday, September 22, 2014

It's Happening 2015!

I'm so excited to share the news that Mod Life is bringing you my own signature seating collection in early 2015!

Made in the USA! 

Stay tuned for more news as it happens at Mod Life Collection and on Facebook.

This is going to be fun!



Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Kelly Rutherford: Kid film crew was ‘Incredible’


 In the family comedy “The Stream” actress Kelly Rutherford plays a mother whose son embarks on an adventure to get to the mall without permission. Children from the Boys & Girls Clubs of America helped to produce the film and the organization receives 20 percent of the video proceeds.

Learn more about the film...

Available now on DVD!



Tuesday, August 12, 2014

We will miss you Robin!

Robin Williams 1951-2014

You will be so missed, and always treasured.


Sunday, June 1, 2014

Mod Mom Furniture names new president | Kids Today


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Furniture Fashion Week #hpmkt

It's like Fashion Week, but for the Home!

I will be showing LOUNGE, Crosby, and Hazel Collections in new fabric selections by Lazar's cover guru Debra Venti.

@Lazar Industries IHFC-D817
(Design Center 8th Floor)

April 5-10, Will you be there?

More Info & RSVP 

You can follow the crowd, or you can blaze a whole new path!