Production Design, The Stream, a Dreaming Tree Films Feature.

"Robert Petril is also a master of set design. our feature film "The Stream" featuring Mario Lopez and others is set in 1981 - and Robert did an AMAZING job of bringing the era to life -- cars, props, furniture. Many of the interiors and exteriors would not have popped without his attention to detail (and tenacity!) Filmmakers & Producers, you will not be disappointed. (p.s. Robert can you work remote on another project in Chicago :)"

Kelli Feigly, Owner, Dreaming Tree Films, 2/13/2013

"I knew from the moment I spoke with Robert that he was the man for this job. His enthusiasm and passion for The Stream allowed him to create magnificent sets for our film.  Robert demonstrated incredible initiative and strong dedication during his recreation of 1981. He made sure to do his research and was literally able to find anything and everything that was needed of him. He exceeded the expectations in his ability to respond well to demanding situations and do so on a budget. Robert has a great eye for set design, wonderful creativity, and is easy to work with. In addition, he has a great spirit and is naturally a great person to be around. It was a great pleasure to watch him at work and I would highly recommend him!!!"

Ashley Joy, Producer, The Stream, Dreaming Tree Films, 9/6/2012

"I wish I had counted the number of times Robert Petril’s work made my jaw drop during our two month production of “The Stream.” It was an extraordinarily high number of times, I promise you. The man delivers, and that’s an understatement. Not only were his set designs beautiful, but they were exactly what the director and screenwriter had in mind. His passion and dedication, however, are equally as impressive as his work. Robert is one of the hardest working people I’ve ever met, and he made “The Stream” his project as much as it was the director’s. He put every bit of himself into this film and it showed. I’m unfortunately a very forgetful person and would sometimes email Robert a last minute piece of set design we needed by tomorrow or this afternoon or in five minutes and somehow he would always have it (sometimes before I even asked for it). On top of all that, he is an absolute pleasure to work with. He brought a positive and fun energy to the set and to everyone working on it, every time he was there. I look forward to the day I get to work with Robert Petril again, and I’m sure everyone else from “The Stream” would say the same thing."

- Devan Maura Saber, Producer, The Stream, Dreaming Tree Films, 9/5/2012

Robert Petril, Interior Designer

Creator of the new “Lounge” line of furniture that is being featured everywhere from the Las Vegas Marketplace to the showroom floors of SofaMart and Rapport International Furniture, this Pennsylvania Interior Designer is proving to be a force to be reckoned with – inside and outside of the home. 

Robert’s talent as a designer came a bit later on in life after a lengthy and successful career of following in his father’s footsteps as a “mesmerising” furniture salesman. According to Robert, his dad was the “best pitch man” that ever was and he had high hopes for his son building on those inherited genes and procuring his own spot on the ladder of salesmanship.

However, after years of following his dad’s lead and successfully gaining ground and notoriety as a salesman in the furniture business, Robert ditched the suit and tie and decided to unleash an untapped area in his heart, one that may have been instilled by his earlier years of observing the crafty nature of his mother – a creative side that taught him happiness comes in many different forms.

Robert’s true passion was unveiled when he was given the chance to use his creative influence by conceiving and designing a furniture piece. It wasn’t long after his initial design was created and sold that his untapped talent emerged and became embedded in his heart which proved to be a turning point in not only his life and career, but in his ability to find happiness.

It’s no surprise Robert has become a major player in the field of product design, product development, merchandising, marketing and consulting. His creative blog “Design on the Edge” has allowed him to showcase his works in all categories of design, be it; Residential Interiors, commercial, product creation or even his own line of T-Shirts.

“If you can dream it, you can do it” is a philosophy Robert Petril believes in and successfully achieves for not only himself, but for those that entrust him with their own wants and needs of finding the perfect product, creating a fabulous retail display, or whipping up an amazing interior design.

Furniture Reviews:

Mortise & Tenon - "Robert Petril your denim sectional sold in one day to a client looking for a really comfortable casual room setting. This is exactly the client I'm wanting to reach-Thanks"


Great Chair!
"We've had this chair almost a year and whenever we have friends over, it gets snatched up first. It's comfortable, stylish and very durable. Great for sitting, but another style would be better for curling up in." - Shakleemom, Yakima, WA

Only thing bad is I wish I had 2 of them!
"I really like this chair, it is pretty, and even though called an accent chair - is comfortable and holds up well. I would definitely recommend this chair. It is the piece people come in and ask, "where did you get that chair?""- ccwhiteman, Geneseo, IL

Great Accent
"We love this chair and have received many compliments on it from friends and family. It pulls all the colors from the rest of our living room together in one item. It has great quality as we often find our labrador curled up in it, and the fabric is holding up beautifully to her claws and calloused pads. The legs of the chair are made of beautiful wood. Having the chair open at the bottom with the legs helps to create a more open feel in the room. Our only complaints about this chair are that there isn't much lumbar support and the price seemed a little high. But, it was worth it because it fits so perfectly with the rest of the living room. This is an accent chair after all, so if we want more lumbar support, we sit on our reclining sofa. Our sales person, Bill was GREAT! He helped us pick out this perfect chair when we described the other colors in out living room. He is a great sales person and he will have our return business." -Sweetpea7579, Cedar Rapids, IA

"I bought two of these chairs for my first condo. They fit in the room perfectly and I get so many compliements on the pattern! I was in love with it the moment I saw it and my thoughts were spot on! Very comfortable and easy to take care of! Great choice!" - keebs, Cedar Rapids, IA

"This chair is comfortable, yet classy and beautiful. Its various checked colors really compliment the other furniture in our home and also the color of our walls, which is a terra-cotta hue. I'd love to have another one to add to our living room! We've received many compliments on it also." - KC1157, Erie, PA

To read more reviews on this chair go to: Furniture Row

Design Reviews:

"Love these modular and colorful seating pieces from Robert Petril!" - Ellen Gefen,, High Point, NC, 4/1/2011

"This collection is perfect for the younger hip L.A. crowd. Our retail furniture store needs to tap into this demographic so thanks Robert for designing the perfect collection for our store." - Jerod Lazan, Los Angeles, CA, March 7, 2011

“Robert Petril is a designer with a vision that is cutting-edge in interiors. He's friendly, approachable and very knowledgeable on the manufacturing side of the design business. I am always visually inspired by his design work.” - Jeanette Steiringer, Washington D.C., May 26, 2010

"Robert is a very talented man who's knowledge in the design world is phenomenal! His creativity is amazing and anyone who has the privilege of being his client will find not only joy with his work, but will be privy to work with an all around great guy!" 
Vicki Flynn, Saint Louis, MO, May 26, 2010

“Robert is a rare and original talent in an industry that survives with an attitude of "me too's". When other designers are satisfied to copy the success of others, Robert is busy looking for something unique and new. With his outstanding background he knows what it takes to make the next classic his own. He has the introspective vision to see what others haven't seen, and the extroverted skills necessary to lead people where they haven't yet been. Bravo Robert!  
- Britt Albright, Senior Designer, JCPenney July 10, 2008

“Robert Petril is a fantastic designer. His upholstered pieces are of particular interest to me. They employ bold colors and patterns over dramatically scaled, sweeping sofas and cushy loungers. It is with a sophisticated eye and always being ahead of the trend curve that keep Robert's designs fresh and hip.” - Jason Phillips, Vice President, The Phillips Collection, May 28, 2010

"Robert has been in the furniture business for years...and has worked behind the scenes for many recognizable names in the furniture business as a designer. Well, it's time for him to start making a name for himself and bring his keen eye and sense of style to the world. You can read more about him and all he does on his blog: Design On The Edge. Angelo Surmelis, "The Design Geek", from HGTV's Rate My Space, May 5, 2009

"Robert Petril is a great designer...I really love the way he always draws inspiration from many sources adopting an eclectic approach to interior space and home decor. I would describe his design aesthetic as urban eclectic with contemporary style. - Ari Signes, Valencia, Spain, May 25, 2010

“I have Worked with Robert Pertril several times and on different types of projects. Ranging from design consultation to product manufacturing and distribution. I have found his work to be first class and on time. His sense of style combined with an inherit ability to come up with unique solutions has been very inspiring in my own work. I recommend him whole heartedly. - Steve Hamm Designer / Owner Urban Design & Construction, Sacramento, CA” May 26, 2010