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Production Design

 The Stream - Production Designer 2012

Moochie Kalala Detectives Club - Production Designer 2014

 Alternate Universe: A Rescue Mission - Production Designer 2015

Offstage Elements - Extra 2017 (Release 2018)

Without You - Actor "Pete" 2017 (Release 2018)

1988 - Production Designer 2017 (Release 2018)

Alternate Universe: A Rescue Mission (2016) Poster


"Robert Petril is also a master of set design. our feature film "The Stream" featuring Mario Lopez and others is set in 1981  and Robert did an AMAZING job of bringing the era to life -- cars, props, furniture. Many of the interiors and exteriors would not have popped without his attention to detail (and tenacity!) Filmmakers & Producers, you will not be disappointed.

- Kelli Feigly, Owner, Dreaming Tree Films, 2/13/2013

"I knew from the moment I spoke with Robert that he was the man for this job. His enthusiasm and passion for The Stream allowed him to create magnificent sets for our film.  Robert demonstrated incredible initiative and strong dedication during his recreation of 1981. He made sure to do his research and was literally able to find anything and everything that was needed of him. He exceeded the expectations in his ability to respond well to demanding situations and do so on a budget. Robert has a great eye for set design, wonderful creativity, and is easy to work with. In addition, he has a great spirit and is naturally a great person to be around. It was a great pleasure to watch him at work and I would highly recommend him!!!"

- Ashley Joy,
Producer, The Stream, Dreaming Tree Films, 9/6/2012

"I wish I had counted the number of times Robert Petril’s work made my jaw drop during our two month production of “The Stream.” It was an extraordinarily high number of times, I promise you. The man delivers, and that’s an understatement. Not only were his set designs beautiful, but they were exactly what the director and screenwriter had in mind. His passion and dedication, however, are equally as impressive as his work. Robert is one of the hardest working people I’ve ever met, and he made “The Stream” his project as much as it was the director’s. He put every bit of himself into this film and it showed. I’m unfortunately a very forgetful person and would sometimes email Robert a last minute piece of set design we needed by tomorrow or this afternoon or in five minutes and somehow he would always have it (sometimes before I even asked for it). On top of all that, he is an absolute pleasure to work with. He brought a positive and fun energy to the set and to everyone working on it, every time he was there. I look forward to the day I get to work with Robert Petril again, and I’m sure everyone else from “The Stream” would say the same thing."

- Devan Maura Saber, Producer, The Stream, Dreaming Tree Films, 9/5/2012

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