Sunday, February 7, 2010

Las Vegas Furniture Market...

The show was SO great! The colors were so vibrant and fun! Modernism is still the overall feeling. Also, the spread of "GREEN" awareness is greater and greater! So many wonderful natural textures and reclaimed materials made into timeless treasures. Creativity was all around you. I took way too few photos because my schedule was CRAZY!!! But, I think I got enough to give you a good idea...

Art and function are still marching towards each other. I love it!

HAZIZA...How wild! This is some serious artistic expression.
All white heaven!

James DeWulf is doing some amazing pieces with concrete. Great artist! You gotta keep your eye on this dude...endless possibilities!

During the show, I got the chance to sit down with my friend Angelo Surmelis and preview his new introductions. Angelo is so great! His vision along with Tom, and the rest of the peeps at Angelo Home are changing the industry...seriously! I always love what Angelo keep your eyes open for his next pieces of "Awesomeness"...I bet you will too!

18 Karat was modern sophistication with a soft organic touch. I totally love their style!


It's totally true that every piece by the Phillips Collection is a conversation. Amazing talent and vision. Every piece is a unique treasure!

So much cool stuff...

Of course my token chandelier shot! ;-)

There was so much more of course. If I had the time to take more photos, this post would be even longer! Plus, I haven't mentioned the food yet. On the last night, dinner was at TAO in the Venetian. And, it was a dinner to remember...SO GOOD!!!! I met up with my good friend and design genius Steve Hamm, and his partner master craftsman Don Wroth from Urban Design & Construction. We had an awesome night!
Dinner was Pork Spring Rolls, Lobster Wontons, Chicken Satay, Chilean Sea Bass, Black Pepper Filet w/Udon Noodles, Chinese Broccoli, and capped off with a giant chocolate cream stuffed Fortune Cookie! I'm so sorry the only photo I got was the last empty plate. I'm going to blame it on the fact that as every dish came to the table, a chopstick war broke out with the "Urban dudes." It was an unbelievable meal! We almost ate through the table! When you get to Las Vegas you have to eat at TAO!

As you can imagine, Las Vegas was a great place to see the furniture show. Even with a crazy busy schedule! It was Great fun, met great people, and saw a ton of top notch creativity! And, the Hard Rock Hotel has such a cool energy. I love the music everywhere you go, even when you walk into your room.
I can't wait to go back!



Michelle @ Sweet Something said...

Ok Robert, this is a great post...I love the "art" sofa and 18K is one of my favorite companies...second only to Roost. Angelo looks like he would be great to be around and I love his home line!

JeanetteS said...

Thanks for sharing a sneak peek at all the great new things unveiled in Vegas. I noticed that Horchow is carrying some of the Haute House pieces. All wonderful things here.

Ari said...

I find totally adictive the design world.The way the future trends that are already making their way stole into the current decor scene fascinates me .This blog is just amazing ...thanks for sharing !

Thanh Nga said...

Congratulations, Robert, for having a wonderful artistic trip! Thanks a lot for showing all these beautiful things. I am quite impressed at the modern-looking artful sofa while I like best the Philips Collection's blue-and-silver feature wall together with its fine accessories. I do appreciate your on-going inspiration in sharing such narvelous things to us.

Rochelle Barozzi said...

So happy that you had a great time! You were able to get the good photo's! Werent the sheep a hoot?

Dumbwit Tellher said...

What a sweet trip. Not sure what is more spectacular, all the vendors and all the exciting new trends or that motorcycle?! I'm thinking I need a row of those sheep for our front yard, a joke for my Scottish husband.

So pleased Robert that your trip was incredible and thanks for all the great photos. When we left Vegas in 2002, the World Market Center was not built. What a structure!!

Hope your resting up this week?! x

angelo said...

Vegas was spectacular and a bit exhausting, right?! Thank you for everything and see you soon in Snow Country with the Erdmania!

Robert Petril said...

So true! But at the end of each day there was the FOOD! :-)

Looking forward to it!

Diana Evans said...

Hi Robert!!!

oh wow!!! talk about inspiration...I wish I was there....wonderful photos...thank you for sharing these...

DesignTies said...

OMG, that looks like an awesome show!!! Love all the colourful and creative pieces, especially the Haziza stuff. Have to go check out their web site now :-)

Hey, nothing to stop you from wearing the necklace & earrings if you win them in our giveaway ;-)