Thursday, February 18, 2010


It was a beautiful sunset landing in Las Vegas last night, and today was a crazy good first day at the show! The fashion peeps are some of the coolest on the planet. Boundless creativity and vision. I was loving every minute of it...despite my sore feet! I would love to know how many miles I walked. It was a whole lot, but worth every step!

Out of respect for the designers, I didn't take any close ups of the new products, but I did manage to snap a few shots to give you a little of the atmosphere.

G STAR RAW shoes. No way to resist visiting this booth!

ROCKSTAR SUSHI, a way cool edgy brand from California...Loved it!

CONDOM Socks. This company makes their socks with bamboo...yes you read that right...bamboo! And, you would not believe how soft and wonderful they are! So awesome!

There was SO MUCH more, but I was so focused on the next rad piece around each corner, I just couldn't stop to take more photos. But, I will leave you with a very cool video I took at the end of the day in STREET

Have a great day eveyone! I'm off to start day 2! :-)



Dumbwit Tellher said...

The show looks like great fun Robert. Really enjoy day #2. The weather looks divine for when you do pop your head outdoors! : D

Rochelle Barozzi said...

Looks like an awesome show!!
Enjoy and have fun!! I spewed coffee when seeing the Condom it. ;0)

Ari Signes said...

The first day in that show looks like FANTASTIC ..It seems you really had fun :D !!.
I love those socks made with Bamboo .I knew bamboo was becoming an increasingly popular choice for baby clothes because it's Thermal-regulating,hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial.I think clothing made from natural fabrics are always the best choice .

Hope you also enjoy your second day !

JeanetteS said...

Are you branching out into the fashion side of design? It sounds like you are having a lot of fun taking-in all the design wonderment!

Robert Petril said...

It really was a blast! SO much fun! Jeanette, let's just call it a "hobby" for now ;-)

Sweet Foxy Chocolate Cake said...

Great post and pics! You were able to save my feet from going to both convention centers!