Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A very special message from Mod Mom... 

Mod Mom Kiersten Parsons just published a very important message...

"If you've been to our website recently, you'll see many items out of stock due to a change in manufacturing that's occurring. BUT before that change is complete, I'm going back into the wood shop for a limited time only, with family and Mod Rob to produce some very special custom, limited edition toy boxes! The "Owyn" will be up for sale in June along side several others that will include custom color choices, hand signed by me, and a few special extra surprises! Stay tuned for more details and how to purchase! (and let me know if you're interested in one that we currently are out of stock on)" - Kiersten! Mod Mom is going back into the wood shop one last time to build a very special signed and numbered limited edition series of her famous hand made toy boxes! And, I've been lucky enough to get invited to go with her to help with this very cool limited series. So excited! I'm sure it has nothing to do with my badass tools or anything ;) Seriously, it's an amazing honor for me to work by her side on this, and it's a huge and rare opportunity for everyone to get one of her creations! This could actually be the last chance ever to get a custom signed, and numbered toy box made by Mod Mom's hands! To top it all off, part of the proceeds will benefit some amazing causes. Much more information coming soon!
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Hope you're having a very mod day!