Wednesday, September 20, 2017

A really fun year...

What a challenging year this has been so far. I'm so grateful I took my true path back into my own hands starting in the beginning of this year. It's been a powerful mix of liberation, growth, pain, healing, determination, and now a happy refocus on what's truly important. Back to a joyful close proximity to my children and happiness. Now, I'm so excited to walk each step through the rest of this year. 

There's so much to look forward to. Some highlights from the past months, I recently got another production design gig on a very powerful short film. We finished filming almost two weeks ago, and it should release as early as this Fall/Winter.

I also found my first tiny acting role on a new Sonny Vellozzi film called "Without You" coming in 2018. That was so fun! And it gave me my first IMDb credit for acting. Until this, all my work has been behind the cameras. I got to play a character named "Pete", a mafia wiseguy playing dominoes outside of a social club. Much to my delight, my character gets into an argument with another player, and my ad lib lines were full of curse words!

Now, it looks like there is a lot more production work on the horizon. I feel so grateful I get to follow one of my true passions in life. But, next month there's something even more exciting! I'm relaunching my seating designs at the High Point Furniture Market. The "never give up no matter what" business plan will finally begin to pay off this October, and I could not be more excited! This particular journey to my own collection started back in 2008 in Shanghai.
What a long road it's been. The miles nor trials could never break my passion!

My collection has been launched in High Point before. The initial launch was a very successful one for orders and placements. Over 14 retailers around the country ordered the collection for their stores. However, my manufacturing partner at that time took 33 weeks to process the first order. It was euphoria turned nightmare. Well, this High Point Market is very different. I have partnered with a very solid and long established manufacturer. Founded in 1959, Elite Leather Company is a trusted brand in the industry, and among consumers as well. Starting this Fall season my designs will come to life again, and actually be able to populate some very cool spaces out there.

The journey has been long and challenging to say the least. This year I learned about letting go. It's all about the journey far away from what just wasn't real. I'm living the confirmation that when we are truthful, (first and fully with ourselves) walking life's journey authentically becomes very natural, joyful, and peaceful. True soul peace. No blame. No validation necessary. I'm looking forward to these next few months and closing out this year of valuable growth. Continuing the walk forward. And, I'm wishing everyone truth and happiness along your walk as well.

Hey! before I go, if you're attending this coming High Point Furniture Market. Click here to let me know, and keep up to date on all the mod information. It's going to be a very fun Market! I hope to see you there!

October 14 - 18

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