Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"When in Rome"...

As I usually do on overseas flights, I slept most of the way to Rome. I woke up about an hour before landing, just in time to see the first light in the eastern sky. Sunrise is even more special at 37,000 feet in the air! When I landed, I really did go directly to the nearest cafe! And here's the actual coffee and cornetto with was SO delicious!

After this delicious little snack, I headed directly into the center of Rome. From there I spent a little time walking, and a lot of time eating ;-), sorry, I was so hungry and ate so fast, I forgot to take some photos of my lunch! It was a wonderful panzorotto with prosciutto and formaggio. Words cannot describe how wonderful it was! After lunch I did snap some photos outside the train station.

After this, it was time to board the train and head to my wife's hometown. More to come very soon!◦
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