Wednesday, April 21, 2010

High Point Highlights...

Chandelier by CYAN Design

Going to High Point is always so great. It remains the center of the furniture universe in this country. I always love seeing all the creativity, the passion, the visions, and all the serious hard work that comes together here to be revealed to the world.

There's always so much to see, and so much ground to cover.
It's impossible to photograph it all, but I did my best, and here's some highlights...

The Global Views showroom was amazing! These peeps are on top of what's hot!

The colors were amazing, and so right on!

Here's some new Candice Olson pieces at Norwalk Furniture

HB2's Dixon Bartlett, design collaborator with Candice Olson for Norwalk,
sitting on Candice's new sofa and 90 degree wrap around ottoman.

A visit to the Phillips Collection showroom is always a must! Take a look at these treasures...

Gorgeous! These are available in HUGE size too.

So beautiful!

Or ice with beverages ;-)

Phillips Collection always has some really fun pieces. Love it!

These micro patchwork leather chairs...Wow!

Everywhere at Phillips, there is fine art that doubles as furniture.

Flipping now to Ultra Mod...

Imagine chilling and watching a movie on this
Gruppo Tomasella piece, and then imagine the house around it!

The food was always a wonderful end to each long day! This raspberry chocolate mouse cake was the hands down winner!

Stay tuned for more from High Point coming soon!

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