Monday, November 15, 2010

Magical Matera

Photo by Robert Petril
During a recent business trip to Italy, I was very fortunate to be able to spend a day in one of my favorite places on the planet...The Sassi in Matera! 

It's an amazing place where after the ancient inhabitants left the caves, they carved the beautiful town you see in the photo above from the rock. The beauty humbles the soul, and the history radiates through every fiber of your being. It's simply magical!!

My advice...don't leave the planet without seeing this place ;-)

Photo by Robert Petril
Photo by Robert Petril
Photo by Robert Petril
Does this place Rock or what?!



Vicki Flynn said...

Robert, I so enjoyed the visit! It is a beautiful place and, yes, I would love to visit someday!

For lunch..I can so see myself there!

Grazie!! :-)))

Ari Signes said...

Words fail when yo have the opportunity to enjoy those places where the archaeological vestiges of ancestral human settlement are all around....where we might also dream that mystical things and the mystery could be revealed.Every stone hides thousand of secrets and has something to tell.
I love this post ...thanks for sharing Robert!!

beacab said...

great info about’s a best choice of vacation --- i wish to visit this place in upcoming year 2011

Eli said...

It would be amazing to visit places with rich history. We can still learn from the historic places left behind and see how they lived. In a way it's humiliating, because people back then had less possessions and now we are living in a world where people are spoiling themselves with unnecessary things.