Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Take a d-tour that Rawx!

"Three vision"

I would like to introduce you to three amaZing artists to watch. Three design Rockstarz that have come together to create a huge new force that blasts raw art into home and lifestyle! You gotta meet them, follow them, and try to hang onto their ride into a very cool and artistic future!

First Donovan... 

Donovan Swick

"We as artists make stuff out of other pre existing stuff."

"We are but facets of that diamond! We are in a New Renaissance today. Not because of me...but because of LOVE. Argue if you will. Deny it if you choose. Scoff at the presentation if you disagree. Protest the nature of the ART if you desire. Truth is truth! There it is!"

Donovan Swick is a super talented artist and designer of interiors, furniture, fashion, jewelry, and so much more. He's also an amazing show producer and Rockstar stylist! I felt an instant connection and bond with him when we met. He's an inspiration that I believe will be a force in the future of the Home Furnishings Industry. He's raw, driven, and so naturally talented. This dude has an undying vision and energy that is going to "Rawk" us all, and it will be so fun to watch!

Donovan! I want this ^ jacket man!!

Yeah, this one too!

There's "cool"...then there is Donovan.

Now it's time to meet Kelly...
Kelly Jones
Kelly Jones is another raw rawk'n artist and designer. She's also the Chainmaille Goddess! She weaves metal into fabric one loop at a time to create some of the coolest pieces of art for the body, the home, and everything else she can get her hands on. What's she creates is simply amazing, unique, and provocative! Look at some of her work...


We're talk'n extraordinary talent here! When I met Kelly she told me that she's brand new to Home Furnishings, and when you see what she brings to the industry you just won't believe your eyes!

Pure awesomeness!

Third but no-way artist extraordinaire Brian Davis...
Brian Davis

Brian's art totally blew me away! When I first met him and saw his work, I became and instant fan for life! This dude has got super human artistic talent. And, he's a genuinely nice person. To give you and idea...when I walked into Shane's Collection in High Point where Trinity Collective was showing their stuff, I asked Brian if he had a business card. He didn't have any left, but he immediately ran several blocks away to get more. He's a completely down to earth dude.

Since there are no words to truly describe how awesome his work is...just feast your eyes on these...

His work leaves me speechless!

So now you've met three of the most talented artists on the planet!
And, if you're wondering how all of this translates to the future of the Home Furnishings Industry?

Stay tuned for my next post to learn more, and prepare to be inspired!

More to come...don't miss it!

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