Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Buddha Head Video Presents...

Lunch with Li

The Chinese are very shy by nature. My questions were not easy at all for them. My driver Li is the greatest guy. He took great care of my family and I. He's a very genuine and caring person. He was always there when we needed him, and was always a willing sherpa guiding us through the cultural maze. He really feels like a brother to me! This day he was proudly taking me to lunch with two of his close frinds, to a local Hunan restaurant. Hunan is a huge province in China where Li is from. It could be it's own country. After living in China for a few years, to you come to know the vast differences between the Chinese people from province to province. And, the food is one of them. The food from Hunan is VERY spicy. They use A LOT of chili peppers in their dishes. One of the most popular dishes of the Hunan people is spicy chopped frog (that's right! Not just the legs) And Yes, I did eat it on many occasions and it was actually very good! To my brother Li...wo xiang ni!


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