Friday, June 19, 2009

chillin in philly...

After running around like crazy all week, I decided to take a Friday chill. I really haven't stopped since I landed from China. It's been a great week! I love my hometown of Philadelphia. It's a city of great contrasts. A place where our history meets the future. A big city, with a small town feel, offereing world class arts, fashion, restaurants, cafes, and entertainment. Just a couple blocks from all the action are cozy neighborhoods with tree lined streets that throw you back to the times of old. This city is so full of warm charm and character. I love Philadelphia!!!

Today for lunch I had to have a REAL "Philly Cheesesteak". After skipping breakfast I was so hungry! So, a trip to Dalessandros was in order. As I opened the door of my car, I could smell the chipped steak and onions cooking on the grill inside. Ahhh the smell of home!

One of things that makes Dalessandros so great, not only are their cheesesteaks one of the "best of best" in Phlly, but you also get the best service. Margie, Carol, and the girls always greet you with a smile. And, chances are they will remember your name. They really make you feel like your home.

Thank you Margie, Trish, and was delicious!!!

If you grew up in Philly, you know exactly what I'm talking about. It was that smell that drew the first cab driver in the 1930's to Pat and Harry Olivieri's hot dog shop in south Philadelphia. The cheesesteak was invented when the two brothers were tired of eating hot dogs and the same sandwiches everyday. One brother told the other to go to the store and buy some meat. The other brother chopped up the meat, and fried it up with some onions, and put it on some long rolls. When a cab driver pulled up for his usual hot dog, and smelled the beef with onions, he demanded one of the sandwiches. The "Steak Sandwich" was born. Later, another employee added cheese, and then the "Cheesesteak" was born.

Mmmmmmmm...can you smell the awesome goodness? Have a great weekend everyone.

- Robert◦


JeanetteS said...

My Dad was raised in Philly and raised us on cheesesteaks and hoagies. He also taught us that mustard is meant for hot dogs and ketchup is for hamburgers. He's a stickler for those rules.

Hope you continue to enjoy your hometown.

Robert Petril said...

I think his rules are right on!

Fran Maley said...

And Bob, I'm so glad you didn't fall into the tourist trap of Pat's Steaks or Geno's across the street from Pat' wife was raised in South Philly and while dating her I learned a golden rule of Cheesesteaks: Pat's and Gino's are Grissle and Cheesewhiz, LOL! If you want a GOOD and authentic cheesesteak, find a local neighborhood place like you did with D'Alessandro's (I've never been there, but I trust your judgement) and enjoy a REAL cheesesteak, not that crap they push on people at Pat's!! 10th & Oregon avenues have a place that has great cheesesteaks, and they even have the outdoor ledges that you can stand at, another staple in the South Philly Cheesesteak world!! I not only fell in love with my wife down there, but I also fell in love with the local joints that have outdoor ledges to eat at and watch the world go by...I now have D'Alessandro's on my TO DO list, thanks Bob!!!