Wednesday, July 8, 2009

a lot of philly, and a little french press...

An amazing day in philly. The weather was so perfect! 78 degrees and sunny with no humidity. Beautiful..beautiful!!! A great day to head into center city philly, so off to Rittenhouse Square I went...

Today was about meeting old and new friends. Jeannine Loro Kelly invited me to have lunch at Raw Cafe on the mezzanine level at Boyds. Cool place! It's operated by The Raw Sushi and Sake Lounge on Sansom Street, so the food was delicious! Jeannine also invited another friend of her's named Donna Coghlan. She's a very cool person and an amazingly talented Sales and Event Planner in Philadelphia. It was so great to meet her. And, she just got engaged! Donna congratulations again, and that ring...Wow!

Donna & Jeannine

We had such a great time together along with a really nice meal. the "Lunchboxes" at Raw are really great! They're a delicious and fun lunch. And with these two beautiful women on either side of me, how could I go wrong! After lunch, Jeannine sadly had to return to her office, so Donna and I walked through the park over to Rouge on the square for coffee. Did I mention how beautiful the weather was today!?!

Everywhere along the way we kept bumping into people that Donna knows. She's for sure wired into the "philly scene". I was just lucky enough to be seen with her, and get to meet some of her friends. She also kept blinding people as she walked with that rock on her!

Rouge is such a cool place! The decor is totally decadant! It's for sure the see-and-be-seen place to have coffee, cocktails, amazing food, and network with philly's who's-who. They have a french press coffee that was absolutely delicious...Mmmmm!!! Their burger was voted 4th in the country, in the "20 burgers you must eat before you die" survey. I have to go back for that one. Of course Donna also knows the bartender Melissa, and she's an absolute doll! I loved meeting her. I got to meet so many cool peeps today!


I also met Donna's friends Sallye Hershman and James Junger. Sallye is another high powered Event Planner from Atlantic City, and she also happens to be a wonderful artist! I saw some of her beautiful jewlery. James is a realestate agent in Stone Harbor, and he too is a talented artist. He taught me the secret for turning copper into a cool shade of purple. They're both so creative. I had the greatest time getting to know them. It was really a wonderful afternoon.

Jim, Donna, and Sallye

The coolest peeps, great food, awesome coffee, blue skies, sunshine, and clean fresh air. I so love Philadelphia in the summer!



Jeannine said...

It was great to see you yesterday!
So glad you had such a wonderful time! Great pics!

Dumbwit Tellher ♥ said...

Lucky man, great day. Congrat's to Donna; for the man & the "sparkler"!

sheri amor said...


Donna C said...

Very nice blog! So nice to meet you, Robert and have a great time at Nickelback this Saturday night!

RCaitlin said...

Mmmmm sushi! Sounds like you had a wonderful time!

Becca said...

The Philly pics are great.
Sounds like the perfect day to me.