Sunday, July 5, 2009

more on philly cheesesteaks...

"cheesesteak wit"

In an earlier post I gave a shout out to Dalessandros Steaks. It's truly one of my favorites in Philadelphia. Every philadelphian has their own favorites. While I'm here I want to take full advantage of mine, and make the rounds to my favorite places. Some new discoveries would be cool too. Always on the top of the list for me is Jim's Steaks on the corner of 4th and South St's.

I love this place! The cheesesteak here is tied for first place in my book. The aroma drifts for a block down South St. Lines around the block can form sometimes. The exterior facade and interior of Jim's is so cool. A real downtown Philly feeling. Check out the ceiling!

If you're lucky enough to get a stool along the counter, you look at all the photos and notes from celebrities, musicians, sports stars, and some of Hollywood's biggest stars covering the walls. Jim's has been serving cheesesteaks and hoagies in Philadelphia for over 70 years! I just found out that the 4th & South location is not the original. A friend promises to take me to the original Jim's Steaks in West Philly soon. I let you know how it is...◦
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