Sunday, January 3, 2010

Charlie Pub

Anyone who's ever been to Italy knows that the pizza here is simply the best in the world! I've never tasted a pizza outside of this country that truly compares.

The pizza we make in the States is much more like Italian Focaccia than real pizza. Also for me, the further south you go in Italy the better it gets. You'll also find that each region in the south has it's own unique taste. People from Naples will tell you that theirs is the best in all of Italy. And, it is to die for! However, my favorite pizza can be found in the region of Puglia.

And my favorite pizza in all of Puglia is made at Charlie Pub in Gioia Del Colle. Pizza Quattro mouth is watering right now as I type this. And I just had it about a week ago!

Can you taste it? I think I will have to go back there after I'm done with this post, and done sipping this delicious cappuccino. This place also has a very special meaning for my wife and I.

This is the place we went on our first date shortly after we met. Every time we come back to Gioia, we always look forward to going back to relive that very special evening. And now we can bring our son with us as well. Soon when our daughter is old enough, she will be downing Charlie pizzas as well.

There are so many reasons why it's so good here. First of all, the local water and air plays a part in making the dough for the most wonderful thin crust. The best mozzarella from Gioella goes on top of the delicious local tomatoes. And after all the rest of the wonderful ingredients go on, the pizza gets placed in the wood burning stone and brick oven.

If you ever find yourself in this area of the world, I HIGHLY recommend you find Charlie Pub. There's a map when you click on the title of this post. Buon appetito!◦
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