Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fabric Row

Today I spent the morning and early afternoon on Philadelphia's "Fabric Row". This is one of my favorite destinations in Philly.  It's local fabric heaven! I could really spend days rummaging through roll after roll in all the little fabric stores on 4th street between Monroe and Catherine streets. If you've never been, here's the perfect excuse for a project. You can find just about anything you need here. It's pure awesomeness!

I was on a specific mission to get custom window treatments made for a client. After a few hours, and a half-time rest for a cappuccino, the mission was accomplished. Then it was only a couple blocks walk to the Mecca for cheesesteaks. Jim's on 4th & South. 

Lunch was so goooood!

After lunch, and after some looks in some cool South Street art shops, It was off to Chinatown for some tea cups, and Gong Fu Cha utensils. Mission accomplished there too. It was a very fun day!

Tonight it's Gong Fu Cha with some really great Oolong tea I still have from China. Have an awesome evening everyone...

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