Wednesday, August 11, 2010

dreaming in mosaic

Philadelphia Magic Gardens
I had the chance to return to Philadelphia's Magic Gardens last week. I've posted previously about this incredibly inspiring place. It's the largest public installation by mosaicist Isaiah Zagar, and the genesis of the whole arts movement on South Street in the 1960's.

It's a maze of artistic fantasy! Everywhere you look, every corner you turn reveals the next wonderful art piece that collectively makes up this amazing giant scale mosaic masterpiece.


On this particular day, I was there to meet Angel Lugo. He's a documentary film maker, and he's currently working on a film about the arts community in Philadelphia as it relates to the current economic conditions. I think his project is very interesting, and I feel fortunate to be able to take part in it.

While I was waiting for Angel and his crew to finish setting up their equipment, I couldn't help but wander around in the gardens snapping more and more photos...

It felt like I could never see it all. There's a story in every nook and cranny of this beautiful place.

Isaiah Zagar's son Jeremiah made an award winning film called "In a dream". I love this film. It's a completely real look into the life...

If you're in Philadelphia you must see it for yourself! And, don't forget to bring your camera! :-)

Philadelphia's Magic Gardens is a nonprofit organization that relies mainly on contributions from individuals for its activities. This support enables us to continue to offer our educational programs, concert and performances, and other public events.

For more information visit their website

Photos by Robert Petril

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