Monday, March 21, 2011

Inspiration LOUNGE

In less than two weeks, I will unveil my first signature seating collection in High Point, NC. I'm calling it "LOUNGE" because the inspiration comes from the awesome clubs and lounges I've been to like the swanky spots on The Bund in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Supperclub in Amsterdam, Cologne, and other cities throughout Asia and Europe. The decor and ambiance is always such a major sensory experience. And the seating is always so fashionable, functional, and comfy! You just want to be there! A really cool environment can always provide the most wonderful mood adjustment. And I believe we can have that experience in our homes everyday. 

The place where we do most of our living, on the "couch", is truly the heart of our living experience at home. It's where we spend most of our time relaxing, talking, laughing, crying, and sharing the stories of our days. It's where we want to curl up and escape into a great book. It's where we're entertained because the electronics and flatscreen are there. Our comfy window seat to the world outside. And, as we go further into the future, our main computer and online interfaces will be there as well...think about it! I know I want the right seat for that! I think a lot of people do.

This collection is very special to me because after designing behind the scenes for some years now, I get to bring my own ideas and sense of style to the world. And, this is just the beginning! On April 2, 2011, I will unveil two new modular seating designs that are so fun! They're stylish, functional, versatile, and affordable. The fabrics are plush, durable, colorful, yummy, and you're just going to want to get your hands on them!

My mission is to continue to bring fresh and forward looking new solutions for home lounging. To bring "Chill'n" at home to a whole new level!

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So, where would you like to sit?

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