Saturday, July 21, 2012

On the Set of The Stream - A Dreaming Tree Film

Day 1 was really fun and interesting. It's a lot like you think it will be. Not glamorous at all! There's a lot of set up time...testing time...rehearsal...then take after take after take! It's actually a whole lot of work for everyone involved. But, an absolutely fascinating process.

All of the shooting was done outside today. Some back patio scenes, so I got to do some decorating work, and another scene through a row of bushes! Here's a little peak behind the camera at today's shoot...

When you see the movie you'll see the faces talking behind the bushes. The day for me was all about the house behind the bushes. Today was the first opportunity to see the interiors I will roll back to 1981. The hone is currently for sale so there's not so much contemporary clutter to deal with. Now, I have to go out and "Pick" some older clutter! And furniture and props. Now the real work begins! I have one week to pull it all together...Yikes!!

The goods news is...I had my trusty new assistant Marco (White T-Shirt) with me. We mapped out all the rooms, and we have some real good ideas on how to make it all happen. It was really funny when we first arrived. One of the child actors asked Marco if he was "there to replace him?!" Marco said... "No, I here to help my Dad with the interiors, don't worry". So funny!

The day was long but really a lot of fun! After we scoped out all the interior spaces and made all of our notes, we spent the rest of the afternoon watching more outdoor scenes being shot. Tomorrow the shopping begins! Stay tuned for the roll-up-the-sleeves work coming next.

Stay tuned...

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