Saturday, May 9, 2009

Angelo said...

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Angelo Surmelis
Monday, May 4, 2009

"more from high point...

One of the best things about any line of work, is getting to see how others do what you do. When I was younger and still figuring stuff out, I worked at Starbucks. This was quite awhile back. To give you and idea, I worked at one of the only two Starbucks in all of Los Angeles & the company hadn't gone public yet. We're talking Ye Olden Days. Yester Year.

While I was at said, Starbucks, I vowed to make the best espresso drink in the history of coffee (insert clenched fists waving towards the heavens). I would go to other gourmet espresso bars and marvel at the shots being pulled & the crema. Depending on the type of beans (sometimes region, cost, quality), grind, machine & barista...espresso shots would taste differently. Even when I knew I may be limited by what I was working with and my barista "talents" I still loved marveling at others who did the same thing I did, but differently.

Being at High Point was a little like that. There were so many beautiful collections, vendors and artisans. Many familiar names & faces are bringing their wares to the marketplace....and one on the verge of you knowing who he is:

ROBERT PETRIL JR. has been in the furniture business for years. It's in his blood. Literally. His Dad was in the business and Robert is finding his own path. He lives in China with his beautiful wife & kids and has worked behind the scenes for many recognizable names in the furniture business as a designer.

Well, it's time for him to start making a name for himself and bring his keen eye and sense of style to the world. You can read more about him and all he does on his blog: DESIGN ON THE EDGE"◦


DesignTies said...

That's where I learned about you and your work, on Angelo's blog :-)

You deserve the shout-out -- your work is fantastic!! :-)

Kelly @ DesignTies

Robert Petril said...

Thanks Kelly :-) Angelo is the greatest!

The Bliss Journey said...

Hi Angelo, I just met Robert on my blog. You guys are going to set the design world on fire. Best of luck with your new furniture line.

Dumbwit Tellher ♥ said...

I remember reading this post by Angelo on his blog. Now I can connect your face to your tremendous design. I terribly admire those that have or are on the right path to realizing their dreams. It will be fun to follow you along in beautiful China.