Monday, May 4, 2009

David Mattheson from Leather Miracles

"Since I met Robert I have been refreshed and impressed by his perspective of the furniture industry. New ideas that are well grounded not by what he "thinks" but what he hears, sees, feels and tastes. What the wine industry calls an organoleptic experience. Although he has a well defined business direction, he is open to change as his environment continues to evolve. I would like to say he is the new breed. A composite of the school of hard knocks in sales experience and a understanding of coming fashion and contemporary retail trends. Old enough to know a lot and young enough to learn more.Personal skills are impeccable; problem solving team player. A creative that knows the road and I believe the roadmap for the future."
— David Mattheson Sr, Leather Miracles, July 12, 2008


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