Tuesday, May 5, 2009

times are tough...so let's get creative!

I've been in the furniture business for about 25 years now. And quite frankly, I've never seen more challenging times. When times were good, we were fighting against the electronics industry for consumer dollars. People were saving their pennies for flat screens TVs before a new sofa.

It's our fault. There was simply not much excitement. Furniture has become a necessity not something that people desire like a great new piece of fashion clothing, or a really cool new car with great new technology inside. Those industries are ever evolving and exciting!

I see these times as a great opportunity. An opportunity to capture people's imaginations. 10 years ago HGTV blasted onto the scene. People finally had a place to go to learn and be inspired about all things for the home, and to be entertained in the process. There's such a wealth of information and media available today to learn about design, and decorating our homes and gardens. There are huge opportunities for the furniture industry if we just pay attention and dare to be different.

People like Angelo Surmelis from HGTV's "Rate My Space" are totally "getting it". He's launching "Angelo: Home" in the worst of times. And I believe he will be wildly successful. Why? Because his line is so exciting! It's just not the same old stuff we always see. It's "cool", "fresh", and SO creative!

We all need to take a lesson from him. So let's go! Let's get creative and give people a reason to love furniture!

Click the link below, and listen to Angelo, myself, and others on NPR radio from the High Point Furniture Market to hear the latest news...listen now - NPR Radio Clip

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