Tuesday, May 5, 2009

times are tough...so let's get creative!

I've been in the furniture business for about 25 years now. And quite frankly, I've never seen more challenging times. When times were good, we were fighting against the electronics industry for consumer dollars. People were saving their pennies for flat screens TVs before a new sofa.

It's our fault. There was simply not much excitement. Furniture has become a necessity not something that people desire like a great new piece of fashion clothing, or a really cool new car with great new technology inside. Those industries are ever evolving and exciting!

I see these times as a great opportunity. An opportunity to capture people's imaginations. 10 years ago HGTV blasted onto the scene. People finally had a place to go to learn and be inspired about all things for the home, and to be entertained in the process. There's such a wealth of information and media available today to learn about design, and decorating our homes and gardens. There are huge opportunities for the furniture industry if we just pay attention and dare to be different.

People like Angelo Surmelis from HGTV's "Rate My Space" are totally "getting it". He's launching "Angelo: Home" in the worst of times. And I believe he will be wildly successful. Why? Because his line is so exciting! It's just not the same old stuff we always see. It's "cool", "fresh", and SO creative!

We all need to take a lesson from him. So let's go! Let's get creative and give people a reason to love furniture!

Click the link below, and listen to Angelo, myself, and others on NPR radio from the High Point Furniture Market to hear the latest news...listen now - NPR Radio Clip



Tom Erdman said...

As the great philosopher Pope Thomas once said, "If you do what you always did, you git what you always got." The secret isn't in reducing price, but increasing value. Angelo is doing that, as well as you my friend.

DesignTies said...

Robert, thank you for signing up to follow DesignTies :-) We're honoured to have wonderful designers like you and Angelo checking out our blog :-) And Tom too... he's one funny guy, and writes the most entertaining and insightful posts :-)

I love the sofa you designed the Angelo posted on his blog a couple of days ago. It's a beautiful piece... I'm looking forward to exploring your blog and seeing more of your work :-)

Kelly @ DesignTies

Michelle said...

Hi Robert, thanks for following, I love your design/personal philosophy. Your furniture is amazing and I looking forward to getting to know you.
Michelle @ Sweet Something

JeanetteS said...

I enjoy following Angelo Surmelis in his quest to create spaces for those of us who require a bit of hand-holding and inspiration. And I look forward to the debut of his furniture line. He is quite talented.

What Angelo featured of your line on his blog blew me away. I am truly obsessed with interior design and architecture. Although I am not an interior designer I take great joy in decorating my home. And sharing this passion (among others) is something I enjoy doing. Even if there is only one reader, it gives me great satisfaction putting my passion into words and photos.

So for you to take the time to share your appreciation of my comments on Angelo's blog is quite touching. I look forward to hear more about your line and following you & your world of design.

With kind regards, Jeanette

Brillante Home Decor said...

Hi Robert, I just discovered you through my followers list. Thanks for checking my Blog and now I will continue reading your interesting Posts.

anusha said...

Hello Robert, Yes, I do agree, People who succeed in recession will over-take any one else when the economy gets better in any industry. I have seen some pics of furniture from Angelo's line, and yeah I have to see it is pretty inspiring to see someone who creates a great line of furniture for an affordable price.

The Bliss Journey said...

Hi Robert, Thank you for visiting me. Love your blog as well. I enjoyed listening to you and Angelo on the radio. Times are really tough here in Florida. The building industry has come to a stop. I'm hoping that we all can get back on our feet in the near future. Have a great weekend.