Monday, October 12, 2009

flea marketing on south street...

My mother is a hardcore fleamarketeer! She's been making her own jewelry, and working the Pennsylvania flea market circuit for many years. My step father faithfully loads the van with all the totes, and folding tables, and delivers everything including Mom to the locations. They both sit on their chairs, and sell their wares over the table with great joy and ease. She has a bunch of return customers that always come to see what's new. Plus, a lot of other regular vendors often visit her for ideas, and her jewelry!

Susan Petril & Sheryl Foster

I really love flea markets. Especially one on South Street in Philly. So many little artsy and funky shops there. One of the most famous shops was called Zipperhead...the name says it all!

The vendor peeps are so nice, and so interesting. They each have their own unique and creative displays. Take a look at more of the scene...

Business is good!

That is a real ball & chain! And shackles!!!

Flea marketing on the edge!

What a lucky shot, the sun was reflecting just right.

For 25 cents he'll get up...and then...he'll sit back down.

So cool!

Now I'm scared!

Makes the Monkees tune play in my head!

Loved this!

Hey!...thanks for coming!



sheri amor said...

wow .. I love the items.. XD i hope that's available in the phil

Jeannine Kelly said...

R, Great Pics...felt like I was there! Thanks for sharing this great ensemble of fun photos.
I especially enjoyed seeing the pic of your Mom.
Keep up the great work!

Ari said...

I LOVE's a very nice place. I could walk around there for hours enjoying every litle thing.

Your mom seems to be a very enterprising women .

Thanks for sharing

Ideezine said...

I think most of us have been caught up in the wave of unique items at swap meets, garage sales and flea markets. It's a great experience and a passion. You meet real people doing their thing.